Director: Editor-in-chief: Rikke Detlefsen
Producer: Søren Steen Jespersen, Larm Film in co-production with Made in Copenhagen, Helle Faber
Cinematographer: Anders Løfstedt, Frej Schmedes and more
Editor: Steen Johannesen and Andreas Birch
Editorial: Marike Jensen, Adam Dyrvig Tatt, Mie Tast, Ditte Nielsen, Kristian Almblad and Eva Kanstrup.

At Christiansborg are undertaken each year made ​​hundreds of suggestions for improvement and tightening of the Danish society. All politicians believe that they are right and that their policy is the best for us Danes. But how close are the politicians really on our everyday lives? By the way we experience, feel and think when their policies affect us? The tester TV 2 program series “Welcome to reality”.

Four of Denmark’s top politicians have agreed to take on the challenge and meeting the consequences of their own policies. They are moving into Danish daily life and marks on their body, how their visions and policy work. Politicians comes a week internship in the “real world” while the cameras roll.